About BTI

BTI is a community oriented Transparent and Accountable financial services, our collection of initiatives that is driving Blockchain for Good innovation. BTI model the DAC concept.

In Our ecosystem every development built around Community; individual projects are owned by contributors.individual projects have Milestones through which they get funding.

Milestones created within a delegate. Proposed milestones must be approved by the community and follow a workflow where multiple people can interact with it, to ensure the Milestone has been accomplished.


What is a DAC

DAC stands for 'Decentralized Altruistic Community' and is a meta-description for anybody engaging in a process to alleviate some problem in this world with time and effort.

We are working towards a fully Decentralized governance system. we will continue to use different iterations of DAC to compensate the team members efforts in a way that shows milestone achievements towards the common vision. We believe in the self-organizing power of holacracy.

Core Beliefs

As we embark on this journey, we think it is important to share our beliefs to align the community and ecosystem we intend to spark around this initiative

  • We believe that many more people should have access to financial services.
  • We believe that open, instant, low-cost movement of money will create economic opportunity.
  • We believe that people will increasingly moving toward decentralized forms of governance.
  • We believe that people have an inherent right to control the fruit of their legal labor
  • We believe that we all have a responsibility to help advance financial inclusion, support ethical actors, and continuously uphold the integrity of the ecosystem
Our Partners